Strong color, cropped compositions and the powerful image of the figure are characteristics I use in my paintings. The figures are sometimes seen as landscapes because of their reclining positions and massive size. I am interested in the relation of the overlapping shapes and lines, and, in the way a large painting of a figure can communicate a feeling of power and strength to the viewer. I keep energy in the painting with strong color palettes. I like to use bright colors to draw attention to certain areas of the figure, but I also like creating muddy colors for middle ground as well. Cropping of the figure enables interesting and unusual compositions. Sitting or standing positions are not used because I feel those positions can become boring or stagnant. Collage with canvas or burlap added to the paintings allows the surface to become visually interesting with more texture. The collage is applied beforehand, using gesso to adhere it to the canvas. It is random how these elements of texture work within the composition. Sometimes the collage completely flows in the painting. Other times, the collage becomes a challenge to work with. I also tend to paint over old paintings, which allows for even more texture to build.

My paintings are created from photographs taken of the model. I enjoy the flash bulb effect on the figure and try to use this to strengthen contrasts. Taking photos of the model sometimes creates the warping of shapes and perspectives. Photos also allow for multiple painting sessions, which are helpful in building the textures.

When people ask me what my paintings symbolize or mean, I don’t really have an answer to that question. I don’t feel the need to add any secondary story or symbolization to the work. I think viewers will form their own opinions of meaning in the work. Happiness, anger, excitement, power, energy.... all become evident in the work, either in brush stroke, composition, or use of color. When the painting’s composition is interesting, spatially convincing and bold, I feel it is successful.


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